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A little about what we do

We want you and your family to have every opportunity for success - starting with a positive mediation experience that won't negatively impact your future well-being. At Ronin, our number one concern is that everyone leaves healthy, safe and well. The Ronin team includes accredited and experienced mediators that understand the difficultly of these types of conversations. Our goal is to help you build consensus in a compassionate environment that focuses on your family.


Our mediation and consultation approach involves three stages:


Stage 1

You and the Ronin team get to know each other and the issues at hand. We sure that everyone is on the same page about the problems you'll be tackling during this process. This includes understanding how the law influences the situation as well as what is realistic.


Stage 2

We figure out what the parties involved want to do and how that can be achieved, based on what is realistic and possible. By creating a grounded environment based on reality and equal understanding, our team can guide you through a discussion that results in a plan to address the needs of you and your family.


Stage 3

In the previous stage, we created a plan for you and your family to move forward. The third step is to finalize the process and ensure you can make the plan work. You'll receive a mediator’s report which details an understanding of what you have agreed to (keep in mind this is not a legal agreement, just a summary). The team will help you determine whether the mediators' report needs to be turned into a formal, legal agreement and filed with the court or if there are alternative options. Ultimately, you will walk away with a thorough understanding of what is going to happen moving forward.



Parenting Coordination & Arbitration is a process that makes it easier for parents to communicate and cooperate as they plan how to co-parent their child effectively.

With years of experience creating collaborative parenting plans, the Ronin team is adept at finding solutions that make sense for everyone. You can request help with anything included in a parenting plan such as parenting time schedules, choosing doctors or schools for your child or how to handle making adjustments to a parenting plan in the future. The Ronin team will educate you on best practices, give you access to resources and help with dispute resolution as you figure out the right decisions for your child.


FAMILY law mediation

Family law mediation is a non-confrontational dispute resolution process that focuses on transparency and respect. Family law mediation can be used to work through issues related to separation, divorce or any disputes within a family without resorting to litigation.

We know that it can be hard to break a cycle of negative and punitive behaviour when you're trying to resolve family issues. The Ronin team can help you through a neutral process that brings the focus back to your family and gives you a different path to consensus-driven solutions.




Divorce and Separation Consulting is a specialized service that can prepare you for formal separation and divorce discussions. These sessions will help you think through all the pieces of a separation or divorce that aren't necessarily obvious but are essential to consider and understand before legal proceedings. This type of service is especially helpful to build confidence or protect yourself within a power imbalance.



Child welfare workers work closely with families and communities to protect children from abuse, neglect and harm. At all times, their number one concern is to ensure the child's safety and well-being. Once that's done - whether the child remains at home, lives with a relative or caregiver with significant ties to the child, or comes into care - the family extended family, community, child welfare worker, caregiver, and others work together to plan for the child's future.

Mediation is one option available to help families through this planning process. Mediation services are available to families who are working with Child Protection Services of the Ministry of Children and Family Development or a delegated Aboriginal child and family service agency. Mediation can help people to agree on what's best for children without having to go to court. This is called child protection mediation.




The Ronin team is also available for general consulting around pre-separation prep, separation, divorce and matters related to families. Book a call with us and we’ll figure out how we can help.

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